History of Westchester Woods

Major highlights of construction and development:

Westchester Woods consists of two main building complexes;

located at 8650 Belford Avenue is the A building, also called 'The Aspen' and
located at 8710 Belford Avenue is the B building, called 'The Birchwood.

1968 / 1969
Original Construction of Westchester Woods as an apartment complex with 106 units in total.

1993 / 1994
Conversion of both buildings into Condos and incorporation of Westchester Woods HOA as a non-profit organization.

Replacement of handrails and safety rails throughout the entire complex to comply with safety standards and regulations

2005 / 2006
Refurbishment of entire roof structure with new insulation, new roofing materials and replacement of dated clay-tile roofing with newer style lightweight composite materials.

Complete refurbishment of the pool in The Aspen including required code upgrades.

Complete change of building color scheme with repainting of building exterior walls, entry doors, gates, fences and carport areas

The Soundproofing Project by LAX International Airports is started. Under the program, all units that signed up to participate will receive new windows, front doors and interior whole-unit ventilation systems.

All in-ground plumbing throughout the courtyard areas is replaced and upgraded. Large portions of the walkways and landscaping are replaced in the process

2011 to current
Ongoing Property Maintenance and preventative repair/replacement work on elevated walkways throughout the entire property with full surface replacement where needed.
Upgrading of property surveillance system with additional cameras installed in designated areas.
Ongoing maintenance and preventative replacement/repair work on roofing surfaces and repainting of roof facia boards as needed.
New mailboxes were installed for all homeowners with multiple mail slots for outgoing mail service.
Ongoing driveway maintenance and asphalt surface repair work as needed.
Replacement of outdated pool furniture.

2018 / 2019 = 50 year anniversary
2018 marks the 50 year anniversary of the original construction start of our property.

1967 (December) initial building permits are issued
1968 construction begins for buildings, garages and pools
1969 (August) Certificates of Occupancy are issued

Westchester Woods Courtyard
Westchester Woods Courtyard
Westchester Woods Courtyard