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In September 2019 the WWHOA Board of Directors made the decision to discontinue updating this website and focus on providing information via the Frontsteps website and mobile app instead.

Information provided via this website is therefore current up to the last update which was made in June 2019.

While this website remains online for a transition period of a few weeks, we suggest that all WWHOA homeowners who need access to HOA related topics and their accounts, please start visiting the Frontsteps website or use the Frontsteps mobile app.

If you are not familiar with the Frontsteps website or mobile app, it has been in use by WWHOA since 2017 and contains announcements and important HOA documents.

To find out more and to download the app, please visit the Logins Page within this website.

If you do not have a homeowner account to access Frontsteps, please visait the Frontsteps website and select the 'sign up' link, then follow the instructions to apply for an account.

Welcome to Westchester Woods HOA

big city living with suburban flair

Westchester Woods HOA is a condominium association
located on a tree lined avenue at:

8650 and 8710 Belford Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90045 / USA

• 15 minutes to the beach or downtown
• close to shopping, schools and entertainment
• great connections to freeways (3 to 4 miles)
• connection to Metro Rail line (coming in 2018)

All 106 condominiums are sold and privately owned.

Whether you are a resident, a property owner, a potential buyer,
real estate agent or just visiting, please feel free to browse our site.

Property Information

Westchester Woods HOA is located in one of only a few remaining tree-lined streets and driving up to our property truly lets you forget that you are close to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Unlike so many other Condo-buildings, living here does not make you feel like you are checking into a hotel. You do not have to walk down a dark and stuffy hallway to get to your condo.

Westchester Woods HOA was designed with space in mind and features open and airy passageways on all levels, allowing you to enjoy the view from every angle.

Westchester Woods is a Condominium Complex with 106 Condos in 4 separate buildings. Our 4 buildings are divided up into two main complexes with 53 units each.

The A building is located at 8650 Belford Avenue and called 'The Aspen'.
The B building is located at 8710 Belford Avenue and called 'The Birchwood'.

Both complexes are joined by a common driveway in the center of the property that leads to the parking areas.

Featuring large courtyards with 2 pools and countless tropical plants and trees, our common areas are lushly gardened and have been called a small paradise in the middle of the city.

Condominium sizes at WWHOA include
1 bedroom / 1 bathroom
2 bedroom / 2 bathroom
3 bedroom / 2 bathroom

Our condos feature a variety of floor plans and designs.
Sizes range from approx. 600 sqft for the smallest 1bed / 1bath unit to approx.
1200+ sqft for a 3bed / 2bath unit.

While most condos are single story units, there are a total of four townhome-style two story condos in each of the four buildings, for a total of sixteen units within our association.
These townhome-style condos are setup as
2 bedroom / 2 bathroom
3 bedroom / 2 bathroom

At this time all 106 Condos are privately owned and the Westchester Woods HOA which is represented by the Board of Directors is not involved in the sale or promotion of individual units.

If you are interested in purchasing property at Westchester Woods HOA, please review online listings to find units that are available for sale and then contact a local licensed real estate agent.

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